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Warning! Counterfeit NEO HAIR LOTION products are now widely available in many foreign countries. So that customers can choose to use genuine, quality products. We would like to inform you of information and observations about genuine GREEN WEALTH products as follows.

1. NEO HAIR LOTION, genuine, boxed type, Thai edition, has a QR-Code (Thai) attached to the box, distributed and exported by GREEN WEALTH INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Order at and only.

2. NEO HAIR LOTION, genuine, boxed type, GCC arabic version There is a Paradise QR code and Sold only in GCC group of countries., distributed and exported by PARADISE INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING LLC Order at only.

3. NEO HAIR LOTION, genuine, boxed type, Indian language version and Sold only in India., distributed by Paradise International Trading Order at only.

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