Fake website or Phishing website warning Fraudulent identity theft and unauthorized copying of company information

Green Wealth International Co., Ltd. warns of fake websites link URL https://greenwealthinternational.net (.net). Designed to steal customer private information And deceive the sale of counterfeit products (NEO HAIR LOTION) causing confusion to customers.

However, the company’s legitimate website link is https://www.greenwealthinternational.com (.com) only.

The use of bar codes to verify the product has only one representative of us, https://www.greenwealth.com, so if found any website or website other than the above domains, it will be considered a fake website. or scammers such as greenwealthinternational.net They use this website to deceive. By copying all of our company websites and using company information. and use our trademarks without permission. Please avoid clicking on any links.

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