Refund Policy

  • When we record the goods in the transport system and deliver the goods to the shipping company to the destination. The customer accepts all terms and cannot cancel or reject an order or yours.
  • When the goods are delivered and reach the destination country Buyers are responsible for clearing Custom Service in each country.
  • Products purchased and shipped out of Thailand Buyers cannot cancel or reject an item. and cannot be refunded When the goods reach the foreign destination, the buyer cannot import the goods or refuse to receive the goods. The buyer will be responsible for all costs incurred. and if the buyer wants to return the product The buyer can return the product to the seller. After the seller has received the returned product successfully. The seller is willing to refund the buyer only the cost of the product.
  • For the return fee Payment via bank (Paypal) all fees incurred. and the Buyer will be responsible for paying all these fees to the Seller. The seller will deduct the total amount paid by the buyer to the seller. and will refund only the cost of goods to the buyer

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