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Smart business people around the world find they can start a business with us as a sales manager assigned directly by the owner of Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth brand. We are here to support your business.


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Deliver the product to the destination specified by the customer.

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Welcome to Our GreenWealth

Hair growth and hair care products Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth Original authentic from Thailand. Direct from here only

Vision and Business Objectives

Vision and Business Objectives

Consultation, promotion, support for entrepreneurs in foreign countries.

Grow Sales from quality products to the world market.

Grow Sales from quality products to the world market.

We are committed to exporting Neo Hair Lotion Green Wealth products to all countries around the world.

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Pawitchaya Jinda

International Sales Manager

Sompong Jinda

International Sales Manager
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Reviews From Best Clients

Very good service, genuine Neo Hair Lotion from the factory in Thailand. must buy from here only

Monty Moni
CEO, Keen Cosmetics

Wholesale Neo Hair Lotion, authentic from Thailand, must be purchased through here only. Have stock, ready to ship, very fast delivery, received quickly.

Mike Hotten
CEO, Brick Cosmetics

We are amazed at the after sales service here. They are sincere, honest, and very professional.

John Bhai
CEO, June Haircare

I tried to find a lot of neo hair wholesalers but only found small ones. Until I came across a big seller here. I found out that they are the only dealer in Thailand. Products are sent directly from the factory to me. It’s definitely a genuine product. I’m very happy.

Jorina Bibi
CEO, Wholesale store

The company takes good care of us. and is the best consultant.

Delu Beta
CEO, Brick Consulting
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